SHR Technology for Hair Removal

Explore how SHR hair removal machines deliver painless, effective treatments using advanced SHR laser technology.

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Laser hair removal has been one of the most common esthetic treatments for decades, but it finally lit up in 2006 when masterminds here at Alma developed the SHR technology and changed the way laser hair removal is performed.

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What is SHR Hair Removal?

Unlike previous light-based hair removal technologies that pulse the skin with a very strong light beam to destroy the hair follicle, while also causing pain, creating inconsistent coverage, and possibly even burns, the main idea behind SHR is that the energy delivered to the target area is accumulative. That means the entire treated area is gradually heated using lower energy with high repetition to achieve maximum results and optimal coverage, with virtually no pain at all

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How Does SHR work?

Alma’s patented SHR technology delivers low-fluence and high-frequency laser energy, so that tissue heating is gradual and therefore safer, even for darker, melanin rich skin.
The epidermis is further protected by the applicators’ cooled tip.

The SHR process uses an “in-motion” technique, where the practitioner glides the laser applicator over the patients’ skin, distributing the laser energy uniformly over the treatment area for consistent coverage with superior results and reduced burn risk. The laser transforms into thermal energy, which in turn terminates hair growth by destroying surrounding stem cells.

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Alma's Soprano SHR laser machines, employing Soprano Titanium technology and diode lasers, are at the forefront of hair removal. These systems provide efficient and safe solutions for various skin types, incorporating advanced features to ensure optimal outcomes and patient comfort during hair removal processes.

The Alma Advantages

  • no pain icon

    No pain during and after treatments

  • flexible downtime icon

    Minimal to no downtime

  • safe for any kind of skin icon

    Safe for all skin types, including darker skin


    Targeting fine and light hair

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    Optimal, consistent coverage


    Year-round treatments

Beauty Backed by Science

At Alma, we don’t use the word innovation lightly. We have invested well over two decades of work, research, and development, accumulating the knowledge and clinical expertise to develop an unequivocal range of patents, products, approved treatment protocols and clinical evidence. And while others may say that too, we have the numbers to back it up.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Light and fine hairs are often hard to treat using conventional laser hair removal technology as they contain less melanin, requiring higher levels of energy to remove – which is unsafe. With SHR, the operator can target these hairs, by safely delivering the laser energy required to treat them.

  • Yes – SHR has been approved to treat all skin tones – Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI – even tanned skin.

  • SHR Stack mode allows for a safe stationary mode of treatment for small areas, or areas that do not enable SHR In-motion mode.

  • : SHR technology can be used with all our applicators. The most popular applicator on our Soprano platform is the Trio applicator (2 or 4cm2) which comprises a blend of three optimal wavelengths for hair removal: 1064nm, 810nm and 755nm. Our single wavelength applicators and IPL applicators can also be used for SHR treatment.