IMPACT: Skin Rejuvenation Technology

IMPACT enhances skincare treatments by deeply delivering cosmeceuticals with non-ablative ultrasound technology.

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Clinically proven to dramatically advance the penetration of cosmetic formulations into the dermal layers, IMPACT provides a complementary solution for post-treatment skin care, with enhanced results.


What is IMPACT?

The outermost layer of the epidermis acts as a barrier to topically-applied substances, hindering penetration of cosmeceutical products such that only a small percentage may actually be absorbed into the skin. Featuring Alma’s unique, patented, low-frequency, non-focused ultrasound technology, IMPACT is a trans-epidermal delivery applicator designed to maximize penetration depth and delivery efficacy of active ingredients, beyond the epidermal-dermal junction. It can be used to apply complementary cosmeceuticals following a laser or RF fractional treatment, or as a stand-alone treatment.

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How does IMPACT work?

When used immediately following an ablative fractional treatment, IMPACT hammers in any topical products through the microchannels that have been created in the skin, overcoming the intracellular fluid, and enabling cosmeceuticals to penetrate deep into the dermis.  When used as a stand-alone treatment, pressure and heat from the IMPACT applicator enhance permeability of the skin, facilitating increased absorption of the cosmeceuticals in the treated area.

Indications & Results

Courtesy of Dr Aleksandra Jovanovic, Serbia

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Explore Alma's top IMPACT products, utilizing unique ultrasound technology to optimize skincare treatments for rejuvenation and healing.

The Alma Advantages

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    No pain during and after treatments

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    No downtime

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    Safe for all skin types, including darker skin

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    Customizable treatments

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    Suitable for year-round treatment

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    Fast & powerful


    Clinically proven

Beauty Backed by Science

IMPACT is just one of the innovative technologies to come out of Alma – and we don’t use the word innovation lightly. We have invested well over two decades of work, research, and development, accumulating knowledge and clinical expertise that enables us to develop an unequivocal range of patents, products, approved treatment protocols and clinical evidence. And while others may say that too, we have the numbers to back it up.

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Frequently asked questions

  • IMPACT uses low-frequency, non-focused ultrasound energy.

  • IMPACT is intended for use to maximize application of cosmeceuticals, either following an aesthetic treatment, to enhance results, or as a stand-alone treatment.

  • Over 20 studies have been carried out on IMPACT technology.

  • Clinical studies have shown that when IMPACT is used to apply topical treatments to the skin directly after a fractional laser or RF treatment, the molecules will penetrate deeper than when applied by manual application, thereby enhancing the results. This has been tested on many indications, such as scars and rejuvenation.

  • Yes, IMPACT can be used on both the face and body.

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