Clinic staff ‘ecstatic’ to see the speed and effectiveness of Alma devices

Alma makes a huge difference to the workflow of The Aesthetics Lab
Clinic staff ‘ecstatic’ to see the speed and effectiveness of Alma devices

“Time is money. Thanks to Alma, my time can be used more effectively, meaning patients on my schedule, and a better ROI for my clinic!”

Dr. Pina panchal, MD. and founder, The Aesthetics Lab
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The Aesthetics Lab, established in 2016 as Bella Mia Medical, underwent a transformation in 2022, under the guidance of its founder, Dr. Pina Panchal. The clinic’s mission has always been to create a welcoming space and offer services that empower individuals to evolve alongside it. With a firm belief that caring for one’s appearance should be seen as a positive aspect of self-care – much like maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition – the clinic’s vision is to shift away from the negative judgments and associations surrounding aesthetics, making it an integral and honest part of self-improvement.

With a dedicated team of seven professionals, The Aesthetics Lab specializes in a wide range of non-surgical treatments. Passionate about the art of combining various laser modalities to achieve facial balance and rejuvenation, the clinic helps its patients look and feel their best, free from judgment or misconceptions about the world of aesthetics.

The Alma Element

Keeping on top of the evolving field of aesthetics

Dr. Panchal met Alma in 2018, about three years into her aesthetics journey, through a referral by a family member in Canada who was already using the company’s devices. Having had some disappointing experiences working with devices from other brands, she was looking for a change, and ideally a partnership. This is exactly what Alma offered.

From the moment Dr. Panchal started to use her first device – Soprano ICE – Alma has been by her side, providing a comprehensive range of post-sales services, including clinical support, training and guidance on how to optimize treatments. With extensive access to learning opportunities, such as the Alma Academy, master courses and webinars, Dr. Panchal keeps advancing her skills. Meanwhile, her collection of Alma devices has grown to include the Hybrid, Harmony XL Pro, TED, Soprano Titanium, and Opus.

The Impact

Booming business

Dr. Panchal continues to be very hands on, seeing all her patients personally, and checking device settings before treatments. But, her trained staff are able to carry out most procedures, giving her a lot more time in her schedule to do other things, such as treat more complex cases with the Hybrid, teach, train, and work at growing the business and its brand.

What’s more, the speed and efficiency of treatments enabled by Alma’s devices, such as the Soprano Titanium, means shorter appointment slots, so more patients can be booked, enhancing the clinic’s ROI.

Today, all the laser devices at The Aesthetics Lab are from Alma Lasers – a great endorsement of the company’s products and services!

Booming business

In the clinic’s own words

“I exclusively opt for Alma for my laser devices – they offer unmatched laser quality, exceptional customer service, personalized care, stand-out devices and cutting-edge technology.”

In the clinic’s own words Play