Bringing the latest, most advanced treatment technologies to Bulgaria

Alma enables Dermavist to offer year-round treatments
Bringing the latest, most advanced treatment technologies to Bulgaria

“We have worked with Alma for over 10 years and we have grown more than 100% on daily basis. The technology Alma provides long-lasting results.”

Dr. Iva Stoilova, Dermavist Owner and Managing Director
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Aesthetic facial and body treatments


Located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Dermavist Clinic was founded by Dr. Iva Stoilova and Dr. Albena Paskaleva in 2007. Since then, they have constantly developed the clinic, their knowledge and the services provided, in pursuit of their mission: to harmonize inner beauty with outer beauty.

The clinic staff are like one big family of people who love their work and are proud of the services they provide. As a leader in its field, Dermavist hosts Alma training sessions, at which Dr. Stoilova presents new Alma devices and work protocols to colleagues from Bulgaria and Europe.

The Alma element

Safe, advanced, tailored treatments

Dermavist’s goal has always been to provide its clients with the latest, most advanced treatments. Not only does Alma cater to modern trends in aesthetics, but the FDA approval granted to its devices ensures that procedures are safe.

The Dermavist team uses the latest work protocols, and as an Alma trainer, Dr. Stoilova even develops new, individually-tailored combinations where a complex treatment is required. By providing the correct treatment, the team knows they will achieve the best results, while saving the client money.

The Impact

Constant growth

Dermavist’s collaboration with Alma provides the clinic with numerous options for new treatments and protocols, all year round. In wintertime, the clinic recommends CO2 laser or DVL, which do not require patients to stay out of the sun following treatment, while in summer it offers Q-switch laser. This ensures constant growth, currently around 10 percent a year, which is particularly noticeable when a new device is added to the offering.

The clinic carries out more than 10,000 procedures a year, with an average treatment time of 30 minutes for the face and one hour for the body.

Constant growth

In the clinic’s own words


“It can be hard to explain to a patient in layman’s terms why our Alma treatments are better than others on the market. But, once they have the treatment and they see the results, they are left in absolutely no doubt!”

In the clinic’s own words Play