"Making a difference with a single platform"

How Harmony XL Pro enables Dr. Chen Ifrach’s clinic to offer treatments for a wide variety of indications.
"Making a difference with a single platform"

“I want to offer my patients the most innovative proven technologies, that excel in terms of quality and safety. That’s why I choose Alma.”

Dr. Hen Ifrach, Aesthetic Surgeon
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Dr. Hen Ifrach, Italy
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Aesthetic and cosmetic facial and body treatments


World-class provider of tailored treatments

Opening a new clinic can be challenging at any time, but when there’s a global pandemic going on, you have to work even harder to make it a success! This was the situation Dr Chen Ifrach was in when she opened her new clinic in Italy. Nevertheless, she was determined to establish herself quickly, and gain the traction she needed to not only survive, but thrive in a difficult economic and social climate.

The Alma element

Investing in the best

Recognizing that clients demand fast, efficient solutions, Dr. Ifrach realized that, to stay at the forefront, she would need to equip her clinic with the most innovative technologies. So, she chose Alma – known for ongoing innovation in developing cutting-edge solutions, with a proven track record of excellence in both quality and safety.

To maximize ROI, Dr Ifrach also wanted to offer the widest range of treatments. So, she decided that the Harmony XL Pro was the best choice, enabling her to treat a variety of indications, such as acne, acne scars, and pigmented lesions, as well as providing body treatments.

The Harmony XL Pro is an excellent choice from the practitioner point of view too – it is compact and easy to manage and lends itself to new protocols by combining the different technologies.

The Impact

Repeat business and referrals

With Alma’s technology, advanced tools and resources, the clinic is offering non-invasive, painless, and safe treatments, meeting the growing demand for minimally-invasive procedures that enable patients to return to their daily routine, straight away. Providing the best possible care, and high-quality, results-driven treatments, the clinic is set apart from the competition. In fact, patients are so happy with the results that, with repeat business and referrals to family and friends, there is now a three-month waiting list.

In the clinic's own words

“The drive for continuous innovation sets thriving businesses apart and propels them to new levels of success. Our partnership with Alma is a key aspect of this drive and has the added benefit of bringing rewards for not only our patients, but also for our practitioners.”

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