Frequently Asked Questions B2B

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  • Clinical studies show optimal fat quality after harvesting for autologous fat transfer

  • Yes, like all liposuction devices we have a set of tubes and a fat canister should you decide to harvest fat. The only difference in BeautiFill is that you also need a laser fiber.

  • Yes, we offer a big variety of cannulas that you can use with BeautiFill (2-5MM, basket and double-mercedes).

  • The viability of fat is only one factor out of many others that influences the survival rate of the fat graft. We are giving the best viability but from there it is also a matter of other factors (nutrition, weight, physical activities, age, etc.)

  • Beautifill system is using energy that help to tighten the superficial layer under the skin. This helps the area to be more tightened than a mechanical method.

  • Yes it can, the suction power can adapt to different areas in the body from the submental to the thighs.

  • The Beautifill uses a selective energy source that influence mainly water and not fat. The fat is sucked out before it can be harmed and therefore, we have high viability of the fat cells.