Stretch Marks

Fading Stubborn Stretch Marks

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks form when the skin undergoes a period of rapid stretching, for example due to pregnancy, or extreme, fast weight gain or loss. Alma has several solutions based on effective laser technology that help this stubborn scar tissue to fade.

Is a stretch marks treatment right for you?

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Alma’s stretch mark fading treatments improve the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Red stretch marks

    Red stretch marks

  • White stretch marks

    White stretch marks

How does it work?

Alma’s energy-based technology works by creating micro-wounds to break down the scar tissue that makes up stretch marks, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and triggering new, smoother skin tissue to grow in its place.
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The Alma Advantage

Alma’s stretch mark treatment products use a range of innovative technologies that are clinically proven to be safe and effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the body.
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    Safe for Any Skin Type

    Safe treatments are available for different skin types

    Variable Downtime

    Treatment options to suit your needs

    Clinically Proven

    Technology and devices have been proven to be safe and effective

What is your concern?

After 3
Before 3

Courtesy of: Dr Pina Panchal, USA

Drastic improvement is seen in the appearance of the patient’s severe red stretch marks after three treatments with Harmony XL PRO.
After 2
Before 2

Courtesy of: Dr Pina Panchal, USA

Remarkable improvement is seen in the appearance of white stretch marks after just one treatment with Alma Hybrid.

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Impressive improvement is seen in the appearance of red stretch marks on the abdomen after four treatments with Alma Hybrid.


  • This groundbreaking technology is suitable for use on many areas of the body, including thighs, arms, back, buttocks and abdomen.

  • Alma’s top stretch mark fading devices are Alma Hybrid, Opus, and Alma PrimeX

  • It is recommended to apply numbing cream before treatment.

  • Several treatments are required, with results emerging in the six weeks following the end of the treatment series.

  • Alma offers a stretch mark fading solution for all skin types, Fitzpatrick I-VI, including dark skin. Old and new stretch marks can be treated