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Wide Ranging Skin Rejuvenation Solution

Advanced treatment for clearer skin
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Transformational skin treatment

A highly effective skin rejuvenation solution, used successfully in over 6,500 clinics worldwide, Alma Beauty Rejuve features Dye-VL and Dye SR AFT technologies for optimal treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, high-power NIR technology for tissue heating, and Speed AFT for permanent hair reduction.

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Wide Ranging Skin Rejuvenation Solution

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    Vascular lesions, Pigmented lesions, Permanent hair reduction

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Flexible, ergonomic design

Rejuve is a portable system, offering maximum mobility and flexibility. With an intuitive, user-friendly 15.6” color touch screen, it is easy to operate. The ergonomic, lightweight design of its applicators makes treatments easier for practitioners to perform, while providing a more comfortable experience for clients.

Safe, effective and efficient

High-end, professional-grade IPL technology is one of the most efficient methods used to achieve uniform skin tone and texture, with fewer treatments and faster results. Alma’s In-Motion™ technology and built-in cooling makes Rejuve a safe and effective light-based skin rejuvenation solution.

Focused treatments

Each IPL applicator uses a different spectrum, optimized for the treatment of a specific aesthetic concern.

Advanced technologies

  • Dye-VL - Rejuve
    Dye-VL and Dye SR technology is based on Alma’s AFT™ (Advanced Fluorescence Technology), an advanced form of IPL, which offers more efficient energy usage per pulse, increased safety, extended applicator lifetime and enhanced clinical results.
  • AFT - Harmony
    Alma’s AFT™ (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is an advanced form of IPL offering more efficient energy usage per pulse and increased safety. Cut-off filters enable narrow spectrum bands, for efficacy at lower fluencies.
  • NIR - Rejuve
    Using a high-power light source in the near infrared spectrum achieves safe and effective dermal heating, leaving skin looking youthful.

Relevant Applicators

Treatable Indications

  • vascular lesions icon
    Vascular Lesions
  • Pigmentation icon
    Pigmented Lesions
  • hair removal icon
    Permanent Hair Reduction

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Alma Clinical Department

Alma Clinical Department

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