Clinically proven to achieve never-before-seen results in body contouring, UltraWave uses non-focused, non-invasive ultrasound in a safe, effective, pain-free treatment that reduces adipose tissue volume, to deliver a sleeker, more contoured silhouette.

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Alma’s innovative UltraWave technology gives body contouring treatments a real boost, delivering faster, more impressive results than ever before.

What is Ultrawave?

Part of the Alma PrimeX platform, the UltraWave applicator is used to target localized fat in a highly-effective, high-speed treatment, enabling extended treatment options to suit each patient’s needs and expectations.  Thanks to UltraWave’s extra-large applicator plate and a hollow cavity, an average of 20 minutes per treatment is enough to deliver excellent results, affecting stubborn adipose tissue to achieve visible body contouring and cellulite reduction, particularly on the abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks and buttocks, in four weeks or less.

How Does UltraWave work?

UltraWave uses two main modes of ultrasound waves – longitudinal and transverse – in a complex patented combination of vibrational waves that target fat cells in the most selective, effective and safe way

Indications & Results

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

2 cm reduction in thigh fat, one month after a course of four treatments, two weeks apart.

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Improvement in the appearance of cellulite following two treatments using UltraWave, with the Impulse feature.

Courtesy of Dr Ines Verner, Israel

9 cm reduction in abdominal circumference one month after a course of four treatments, two weeks apart.

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With decades of experience developing industry-leading, award-winning products, at Alma, we have acquired a unique expertise integrating and combining energy-based technologies, such as lasers, IPLs, RF and RF Pixel, to create solutions that redefine the category.

The Alma Advantages

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    No pain during and after treatments

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    Fast results

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    Safe for all skin types


    Innovative technology

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    Clinically proven

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    No downtime

  • Customizable to the precise needs of each patient

Beauty Backed by Science

At Alma, we take innovation seriously. That’s why we have invested well over two decades of work, research, and development to come up with advanced, patented breakthroughs – like the UltraWave applicator. We continue to accumulate broad knowledge and clinical expertise as we develop an unequivocal range of patents, products, approved treatment protocols and clinical evidence. And while others may say that too, we have the numbers to back it up.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, UltraWave treatments can be combined with a radio frequency treatment, for ultimate body contouring results.

  • No, treatment with UltraWave is comfortable. Mineral oil is applied to the skin before treatment.

  • Treatments take 15-30 minutes. For optimal results, a series of 4-6 treatments is recommended, 1-2 weeks apart.

  • UltraWave is suitable for treating localized fat in the abdomen, hip, thigh, flanks and buttock areas.

  • UltraWave is suitable for treating patients of all skin tones. An assessment will be carried out before treatment to check for any contraindications and a reasonable BMI.