Alma’s proprietary fractional plasma RF technology both ablates and heats the skin for a superior treatment of a variety of skin textural and quality concerns, from minor to complex.

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Skin resurfacing and tightening is one of the most in-demand indications in today’s aesthetics market. With its proprietary fractional plasma RF technology, microplasma, Alma sets a new standard, enabling greater flexibility and convenience for customized treatment of numerous indications, with impressive results.

What is Microplasma?

Microplasma is an advanced, non-invasive resurfacing technology, based on radio frequency energy.  With a range of applicator tips for even greater versatility, it delivers a safe treatment with enhanced results. The practitioner can control the desired ablation effect – light, moderate or intense – and choose from in-motion or stationary operating techniques, depending on the condition and needs of the patient. Clinically proven to be safe and effective for all skin types, microplasma treatments are extremely fast, and can be carried out by non-medical staff, with minimal training.

How does microplasma work?

High RF energy emitted from the applicator ionizes nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the air, resulting in plasma sparks that cause skin ablation, creating ablative micro-channels.

The micro-injuries caused by the perforation of the skin result in a simultaneous dermal thermal effect that stimulates fibroblasts, contributing to the formation of new collagen. Epidermal tissue regeneration is further assisted by the fact that the surrounding skin is left undamaged.

Indications & Results

Courtesy of Dr Aleksandra Jovanovic, Sculpturerelle clinic. USA

Results following microplasma treatment on the Accent Prime system, using the roller and icepick tips.

Courtesy of Dr Maria Angelo-Khattar. UAE

Results following two microplasma treatments with the Accent Prime system.

Courtesy of Kat Lofley DNP, USA

Results following one microplasma treatment on the Opus system, using the roller and icepick tips.
Opus Plasma_Dr Jeffrey Hsu_after
Opus Plasma_Dr Jeffrey Hsu_b

Dr Jeffrey Hsu, USA

Results following one microplasma treatment on the Opus system, using the roller and icepick tips.

Top Microplasma Products

With decades of experience developing industry-leading, award-winning products, at Alma, we have acquired a unique expertise integrating and combining energy-based technologies, such as lasers, IPLs, RF and RF Pixel, to create solutions that redefine the category.

The Alma Advantages

  • Easy to use – delegable treatments

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Flexibility & control

  • Effective

  • Fast results icon

    Fast treatment

  • safe for all skin icon

    Safe for all skin types

  • Answers the most in-demand indications

Beauty Backed by Science

Innovation is a serious business for us at Alma. It’s what enables us to come up with market leading – and market changing – technologies, such as microplasma. Having accumulated deep knowledge and broad clinical expertise over the course of more than two decades in the aesthetics industry, we pride ourselves on developing an unparalleled range of products that are supported by patents, approved treatment protocols and clinical evidence. And while others may say that too, we have the numbers to back it up.

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    organic patents
  • Technologies (and growing)
  • global awards
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Frequently asked questions

  • Downtime depends on the intensity of the treatment. For a powerful treatment, up to 4/5 days may be required.

  • This is a minimally ablative fractional treatment, creating superficial micro wounds. However, the thermal effect goes deep for additional dermal remodeling.

  • Yes – Microplasma has been approved to treat all skin tones, Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI, even tanned skin.

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