Gold-standard technology

At Alma, we develop technologies that truly enhance wellbeing. Combining two decades-worth of knowledge, proven clinical expertise, and real-life data, we have transformed the landscape of modern aesthetic treatments, creating a gold standard that is trusted by practitioners and patients alike.


Target localized fat in a highly-effective, high-speed treatment

Clinically proven to achieve never-before-seen results in body contouring, UltraWave uses non-focused, non-invasive ultrasound in a safe, effective, pain-free treatment.


Offering limitless options and ultimate control going far beyond standard fractional laser

Alma’s HyGrid technology enables you to determine every aspect of skin rejuvenation and scar revision – for a completely new, never-before-seen tailored treatment concept.


Dramatically advances the penetration of cosmetic formulations into the dermal layers

Drug delivery system & precise combination of wavelengths for effective treatments with reduced downtime


Advanced, non-invasive resurfacing technology

Alma’s proprietary fractional plasma RF technology both ablates and heats the skin for a superior treatment of a variety of skin textural and quality concerns, from minor to complex.


Featuring its exclusive 3D technology

Alma’s patented SHR technology delivers low-fluence and high-frequency laser energy, so that tissue heating is gradual and therefore safer, even for darker, melanin rich skin.