Alma supports growth of a new clinic

How Alma has accompanied one doctor in her journey to establishing a successful practice

“Alma has helped me develop as a clinician, giving me the confidence to treat patients knowing that the machines I am using are safe, reliable and effective.”

Dr. Irene Gaile, MD, and fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society
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Dr. Irene Gaile, Philippine

Aesthetic and cosmetic facial and body treatments


Ambitious startup

When Irene Gaile C. Robredo-Vitas, MD started her practice in 2014, she was determined to make the most of her available space and achieve a fast ROI on her setup costs. When choosing which machines to use, she considered not only high quality and reliability, but also the flexibility each offered to treat multiple indications. Fewer products delivering more treatments would mean greater profit.

The Alma Element

Reputable brand. Reliable machines.

Having heard about Alma whilst attending conventions and conferences as a resident during her medical training, Dr Robredo looked into the company’s offering. She was impressed by the versatility of the Harmony XL, with its vast array of applicators – including the Erbium:YAG, ClearLift and LP 1064 – for different skin and hair treatments, and ability to safely treat all skin types. As well as the consistency and reliability of the machine itself, Dr Robredo also appreciated the after-sales service and technical support provided by the Alma team.

In time, she went on to purchase the ALMA-Q for a wide range of aesthetic dermal treatments, such as tattoo removal, pigmentation lightening, and skin rejuvenation; Picoclear (since discontinued); and Accent Prime for body and face contouring, skin tightening and aesthetic enhancement.

The Impact

Successful business. Global exposure

Being associated with the Alma brand, which is trusted by doctors and consumers alike, has enhanced the reputation of Dr Roberdo’s practice. The machines at the clinic are in use almost continually, with multiple treatments being carried out every day.

As a user, Dr Roberdo benefits from ongoing support, training and education provided by Alma through webinars that it hosts, her participation in conferences, and the Alma Academy. As one of Alma’s a Key Opinion Leaders, she has delivered lectures at different congresses and visited several countries to train other doctors and formulate protocols for different indications, giving her the opportunity to hone her skills as a speaker, build connections in the aesthetic industry, and learn from other experts in the field.

In the clinic's own words

“Alma has practitioners and patients in mind when they design their machines and protocols. They communicate openly and listen to feedback. And they constantly innovate.”