Eyelid Lift

Turning back the clock

What is an eyelid lift?

As we age, the delicate skin around our eyes can loosen causing the eyelid to droop. In extreme cases, this may even affect vision. Aging can also cause wrinkles, known as crow’s feet, to appear at the outer corners of the eyes. Using energy-based technology causes the skin to contract, resulting in lifting of eyelids and fading of crow’s feet.

Is an eyelid lift right for you?

An eyelid lift can tighten loose skin of the eyelids and smooth out wrinkles that appear around the eyes as we age, giving mature skin a younger look.

  • Saggy eyelids

  • Crow's feet

How does it work?

The energy used by the device creates heat points or ‘micro injuries’ at various depths of the skin, which are usually invisible to the naked eye. These ‘injuries’ stimulate the body’s natural healing response, and the subsequent production of healthy collagen and elastin fibers to lift and smooth out the skin, enhancing natural beauty.
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The Alma Advantage

At Alma, we have invested extensive resources in innovating dedicated, proven technologies for this common indication, with specific protocols that deliver fast, effective and safe treatment of this delicate area.

    Fast treatment

    5-10 minutes per eye
  • flexible downtime icon

    Flexible Downtime

    3-5 Days downtime
  • Safe for any skin type icon

    All skin types

    Treatments are safe for all skin types

    Innovative thecnology

    Technology has been optimized for use around the eyes

What’s Your Skin Concern?

Courtesy of: Dr Jeffrey Hsu, USA

From high power Microplasma technology to gold standard CO2 treatments, Alma has a range of technologies to treat the small, delicate, hard to reach area around the eyes.

Courtesy of Dr Jeffrey Hsu, USA

Alma offers a wide range of laser and radio frequency procedures for rejuvenating skin around the eyes, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  


  • The top three Alma devices for this treatment are: Opus – the high power microplasma Colibri tip is particularly suitable treating hard-to-reach places, such as the eyelid, without compromising safety to the eyes; Alma PrimeX – specially designed to treat small areas, particular around the eyes; and Pixel CO2 – enabling a wide range of procedures for rejuvenating skin around the eyes, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Some eyelift treatments are painless. For more intensive treatments, topical numbing cream may be used before the procedure.

  • Depending on what treatment you are having, you may see an instant lift. More impressive results will emerge in the following weeks, or with additional treatments. There may initially be some slight marking around the eyes, which will disappear within a few days.

  • Yes, Alma’s treatments follow well-established protocols, and there have been multiple publications on these technologies. Before treatment, your practitioner will take all necessary steps to ensure that your eyes are protected throughout the course of the treatment.