Our Story

We listen closely to what our customers need, and what their customers want. This has become a major factor in the technology we develop and the transformation we’re creating together. This, in a nutshell, is our story.

People First

Alma is on an ever-evolving path, and our story too evolves as we travel on our joint journey with our partners. Listening closely to what our customers need, and what their customers want, has become a major factor in the technology we develop and the transformation we’re creating together. This, in a nutshell, is our story.
As a company, our focus has always been on creating outstanding technology. Over the years, we have come to understand that in order to create TRULY outstanding technology, it needs to address the role our platforms play in our customer’s practice, and more so, in the lives of their patients. As such, we have re-focused the conversation, moving from just technology to technology that enhances people’s wellbeing. The result is visible in the way we operate, putting people first, and daring to lead the way in technology, knowledge, and attitude.
We look at life in this modern world and the pace at which things move through the eyes of doctors and patients. We make sure treatments are safe, short, and effective. , as is expected in a modern world, and we keep our finger on the pulse, to ensure we continue to deliver.
Over decades of work, research, and development, we have accumulated the knowledge and clinical expertise to develop over 60 patents that have been put into practice in numerous machines and treatments. We also believe in sharing the knowledge, and passing it on to practitioners, through our academy, training days, and support staff. In this way, we can be certain that those delivering the treatments are at their peak, confident  that they have the skills and knowledge required to provide the best, most effective treatments.
And all this is possible because we dare. Dare to lead the industry, rather than following. Dare to set the standards. Dare to say it like it is, to do things differently. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. A real one. And it all culminates in technology that’s made to see people, serve people, and make people feel good about themselves.
It’s no coincidence that we say Alma is for you, for life.
We put much thought into it and work hard to make it true.

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  • Leadership

    Our story is a story of people. And that’s not a cliché or a trendy statement. Alma’s success can only be understood through the people who have helped achieve it. The people who give life to our values day-in, day-out, the people who have shaped our DNA over the years, the people who touch the lives of our clients and their patients across the globe, and the partners that have shared our success. We are the people of Alma. It’s nice to meet you.
  • Lior

    Lior Dayan

    President & CEO
    Lior combines inspiring leadership skills with a contemporary managerial perspective. He applies profound insights that make the company resilient and effective, yet agile enough to face the modern world’s challenges. Lior has over two decades of experience in the energy-based medical device sector, including supply chain, finance sales and marketing, mainly acquired throughout North American & Asian markets.
    We write our legacy daily
  • Doron

    Doron Yannai

    Doron embodies the optimal financial professional of choice; thoughtful and precise, yet always approachable. He brings over two decades of financial management experience in both the public and private sectors across diverse industries, including software, communications, and construction.
    Continuing no matter what – that’s courage.
  • Keith

    Keith Adams

    President NA
    Keith leads Alma’s North American commercial operations. A natural salesman, he’s considered a maverick in the industry - which is surprising, considering his pastimes include meditation and mindfulness. Prior to joining Alma, Keith held various leadership roles at high-performing medical aesthetics sales organizations, and was responsible for significant revenue growth.
    Do it for you. Not for the credit.
  • Orit Segal

    Orit brings a wealth of experience in global human resources leadership within medium and large-scale Hi-Tech enterprises. She excels in mentoring and coaching individuals and teams to help them achieve their best, boasting a proven track record in guiding organizational growth through periods of change and development. Her core message to those she collaborates with is that excellence is not merely a skill but an attitude.
    Hire Character. Train Skill.
  • Eyal

    Eyal Ben David

    President ROW
    Eyal, affectionately nicknamed Benda, merges personal charisma with skillful business savvy, two characteristics that enable him to excel in propelling the company’s growth. He is an experienced professional with impressive success in various sales domains, including business development, territory management and sales channels development.
    Peace… it’s priceless.
  • Ran

    Ran Ezioni

    Ran has seen and done it all, which is probably why nothing deters him; he gets the job done! His confidence and calm demeanor are based on over two decades of multi-faceted experience in global operations, supply chain management, IT, outsourcing & service, and maintenance, for various industries.
    It’s all about teamwork.
  • Tal

    Tal Burgan Rosen

    A natural marketing professional, Tal is a dynamic and a highly- driven expert with two decades of wide-ranging marketing experience across the fields of entertainment, communications, consumer brands and medical devices. Tal is a genuine people-person, skillfully driving her team to excellence with each endeavor they take on.
    A positive thought can make your day.
  • Itay

    Itay Meir

    EVP of R&D
    Itay is the ultimate developer; a meticulous and brilliant mind, with an edge. He joined Alma after acquiring nearly two decades of experience in mechanical engineering. Each of those years is apparent in his work, and in all the solutions he proposes and sets into action.
    The answer is always within.
  • Nikol

    Nikol Lev

    Nikol is always full steam ahead while simultaneously accomplishing numerous tasks! She has over two decades of experience in senior management roles and diverse corporate information systems, including large multi-nationals. Nikol has successfully managed large billing system development groups on CRM and revenue systems, websites and applications, and ecommerce websites.
    Do something different.
  • Alon Efrat

    VP Global Business Development
    Alon, a passionate advocate for the transformative power of science, boasts two decades of experience in the medical device industry. His expertise, evident in local and international sales, BU management, and product development, reflects a commitment to advancing healthcare technologies. With a deep understanding of the average customer profile, Alon stands as a seasoned contributor to the field.
    To Be a rock and not to roll