We Are Alma: Over Two Decades of Helping People Feel Great About Themselves

Sep 18, 2023

As one of the world’s leading providers of energy-based aesthetic solutions, we feel especially proud of the work we do. Celebrating 23 wonderful years of helping people from around the globe feel amazing about themselves, has been an honor. We cannot wait to see what the future brings as we reaffirm our commitment to helping people feel great in their skin.

It is our goal to find beauty in the spirit of imperfection. At Alma, we understand not all people are born naturally confident. Because of this, our aesthetic solutions provide safe, effective treatments that increase outer beauty on the road to inner acceptance. We believe small changes on the outside can lead to large positive changes within.

People First

We are firm advocates in putting people first. Dignity and respect are core values in everything we do. Alma’s emphasis is on the person, not the imperfection. Our network of like-minded practitioners has helped us achieve results we never would have thought possible. Together, we offer state-of-the-art technological solutions to our diverse global Alma family.

Our Global Presence

At Alma Lasers, we are committed to a strong global distribution reaching over 90 countries and regions. We proudly offer products through three main verticals:

  • Surgical (minimally invasive)
  • Medical Aesthetic (non-invasive)
  • Beauty (non-invasive)

Every service provided contains Alma’s spirit. We continue to grow and lead through our network of distributors and subsidiaries around the world. By providing versatile treatment options for a wide variety of patient demographics, we believe we can meet the growing global demand.

Rediscover Your Self

We welcome you to use our interactive video journey that addresses innovative treatments designed for a variety of skin and body types. With such a wide variety of skin treatments available, start with our website and then be sure to discuss popular aesthetics solutions with your personal provider. Our popular treatments include but are not limited to:

Each product and service are developed through the power of science. Patient demographics are changing and so should treatment options. Alma Lasers aims to redefine the aesthetics industry through innovation.

The Future of Aesthetics

Because Alma is always forward-looking, we take the future of aesthetic medicine seriously. Helping our global practitioners serve their patients fully is what we are focused on. Our website is packed full of helpful educational information about our products and treatments. We also offer a library of recorded webinars presented by leading physicians and dermatologists. Each topic shares real-world best practices and insight from our trusted practitioners. The topics are updated frequently with new content so check back often!

We Are Alma

It has been our honor to serve this industry for over twenty years. Cheers to all our daring spirits and living souls. Thank you and we look forward to many more wonderful years to come!

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